Allegations of Race over Record

“Collin Powell Endorses Obama,” the headlines read a few days ago.  The media pounced on it and many were shocked and very critical of Powell.  But why? Was it because this well-known Republican was endorsing a Democrat.  Unfortunately, “No!” The criticism wasn’t so much party switching as about race.  Then Lee Iacocca, a well-known Democrat Governor endorses the Republican candidate Romney.  But, the difference was, he was not accused of voting “race over record.”  Check out a few of these links

Notice the absence of any allegations of race in the coverage of Iacocca!  I wanted to remain silent but just couldn’t. I  couldn’t remain silent after so many commentators were saying Colin Powell switched, “because he is BLACK!” and that his endorsement was “race over record.”  Another reason I bring this up is because a black friend who is a Romney supporter said adamantly to me just last week, “I’m NOT voting for Obama just because he is black!” His other reason was because the Democratic Party was originally the party of the KKK.  To me, that excuse is like not living in a town because certain individuals USED TO live there.

In several conversations, I’ve found that too many blacks feel that they have to justify voting for a man who happens to be black or for that matter, against a black man.  It doesn’t seem to matter if you bring up ten reasons for voting for your candidate of choice, still the belief is that you are not a conscientious voter familiar with the issues and that you’re only voting color.

Now I’m wondering, “Whites vote for white people all the time and it’s not assumed they are voting JUST because of color!

Collin Power and Lee Iacocca, one black, one white.  One was Democrat and the other Republican, different coverage!

I am an Independent and I vote my conscience and hope that everyone else does the same. I don’t like to talk politics because they are divisive. Now, even though I don’t get into partisan politics doesn’t mean that I don’t follow it to get facts so that I can vote responsibly. I’m praying you’ll do the same.

There is some good and some bad in everyone.  It seems though during elections, so many people are looking for the worst in their opponent and highlighting it. Also, many vote their party line even if they disagree with their stances on issues that affect their lives and principles. Voting is a basic human right, so vote your conscience too.  That’s why it was so refreshing today to hear a Republican not put down the opposite party and vote his conscience too, even if they happen to be the same color!

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