Native American Veterans

This is Native American Heritage Month. We’ve just celebrated Veterans Day, please enjoy these stories of Native American men and women who fought for this country even after broken promises, broken lives, and broken dreams.   Check out their audio or video stories on Experiencing War, at the Veteran’s History Library of Congress special project.

“Born on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, Dan Akee was sent at age six to a boarding school in nearby Tuba City.  He saw action on four Pacific islands, and by the last, Iwo Jima, he was starting to show the psychological effects of prolonged exposure to combat. After returning home, he had persistent problems with nightmares and took to drinking.”

Learn more about Dan Akee and get first-hand experiences from Marcella R. Le Beau, Roy Daniel Bailey, Dan Akee,  Joseph Beimfohr, Steven L Bob Jr.,  Ed McGaa, Leroy Mzhickteno, Chester Nez, Lewis Sawaquat.

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