Creator’s Create!

I just want to shout “Thank you” to the Creator for creating me in His own image. That makes me a co-creator in creation and endows me with the capacity to create my own reality. With all the possibilities of creatures in creation to be assigned, I was chosen to be a human. I was blessed with a mind that has the power to imagine, visualize, and create any reality I choose. All I have to do is to learn how to use this powerful tool properly. In the past I and many people I know have used this powerful tool incorrectly by focusing on what we “DON’T want” instead of what we DO WANT! We think about it, talk about it, complain about it, worry about it, justify it and do everything but CHANGE it!

www.barbaratalley.meThe ability to create is an awesome and powerful gift and responsibility!!!! How can I not be overflowing with gratitude?  I can choose to wake up each day and follow my bliss or I can let my body, the environment, or time or television dictate how I will view and respond to my day.  In 2015, I’m taking charge of this gift of creativity that the Creator has so bountifully blessed me and each and every one of us with. I am reminded of a quote from the Bahai Writings.

“Dost thou consider thyself of puny form, when the universe is folded within thee?”  And, “Regard man a mine rich in gems of inestimable value.”

We are all part of a miraculous creation. It’s nothing short of magical when we think about what’s going on inside of us without our conscious attention. Consider just a minuscule snapshot of your marvelous creation taken from the book 20/20 Thinking by Maggie Greenwood-Robinson.

  1. While in the womb, a human baby can develop more than 100,000 neurons in just one minute.
  2. Brain messages travel at speeds of up to 360 miles per hour.
  3. Nearly 100 million pieces of data race up your spinal cord every minute.
  4. Every minute, about 1 quart of blood flows through your brain and nearly 85% of your brain’s weight is water!
  5. The human nervous system has 100 billion neurons, roughly the amount of stars in the Milky Way and these 100 billion neurons are surrounded by 10 trillion synapses.
  6. Your short term memory holds information for no more than a few seconds and can store no more than nine pieces of information.
  7. Your long term memory has stored more information than a million encyclopedias by the time you are eight years old where it can stay for weeks, years, or forever! (Source: 20/20 Thinking )

I hope I’ve convinced you of how magnificent you are? You don’t have to worry about respiration, perspiration, digestion, or breathing. All of these vital functions are being taken care of for you so that you can use your conscious mind to scan the universe, to find a need, and then fill it by creating a solution.  That’s life! That’s what gives meaning to life. And, that’s why we have the gift of creation.


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