Image of the Creator

The Bible tells us that we were created in the image of the Creator. While small minds wrangle about was he blond and blue-eyed or had “skin as bronze and hair as lambs wool”, both perceptions are limiting, erroneous, and miss the point.  The greatest attribute of a creator is to create.  The greatest quality of a creator joyfully lost in creation is the creation they are creating. (1)As a poet I get a glimpse of this creative gift we have all been bestowed when I write a powerful poem that moves people.  As a mother, I get to become a co-creator in creation when I give birth to a new soul and am trusted to be the caretaker of that soul until it is mature.  As an author I get to experience creation when I write and publish a book.  As a motivational speaker, I get to experience the joy of inspiring another soul, igniting vision and hope where there once was doubt.  We can all witness and experience this power of creation through whatever gift or talent we have been blessed with.  Creating something that we have put our heart and soul into gives our lives meaning and contributes to an ever advancing civilization.

Some experience the Creator simply as an energizing force called LOVE.  “Love what you do and do what you love,” has been the motivational message passed down through the ages.  Some say God is LOVE. Musicians, carpenters, mechanics, chefs, and anyone who put love into what they do can experience this spark of divinity within them through creativity.  With focus, commitment, and attention to their unique gifts, everyone can offer something unique and beneficial to the planet. And then, we will all be reflecting the image of the Creator and become one!

Barbara (The Poet Speaks and Inspires)

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