Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 12.55.12 PM“Seeing isn’t believing; believing is seeing!”

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Seeing is believing!” While it has some truth, we know from experience that even when people are shown something that conflicts with what they already think they know, that they don’t automatically believe it. Old conflicting beliefs that cause cognitive dissonance sometimes keep us from seeing and believing new evidence even when it is placed right in front of us.  None of us sees all of what is before us.

We Are Co-Creators In Creating An Evolving Society

We can’t expect to contribute to an evolving society if we keep everything the way it is now. As co-creators in creation, it is our birthright and duty to make things better for everyone, to find a need and fill it, to serve our fellow man joyfully. We are happiest when we are in the mode of creating something new, different, meaningful, or exciting. However, many find this hard to do because they only believe what they see. Their experiences are limited and in some cases they allow their old beliefs to block them from gaining new knowledge.That can keep them stuck forever.

There is so much more that what meets the eye waiting to be noticed or discovered. The eyes take in about 10,000,000 bits of information per second, but only a fraction of that, roughly 40 bits per second ever reaches our conscious minds. So, if we only believe what we see, we are limiting ourselves. Once we see something, it has already manifested and that doesn’t take much faith.  However if you can see something before it is manifested and use your powers of attraction to bring that goal into reality, now that’s real faith.  That’s why I like “Believing is seeing!”  That puts us into the creation mode to create something new and different. That is what change is all about and the excitement of this earthly journey is for, creating and manifesting!

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