Part 4: Seven Steps To Keep You from Getting Stuck in the Wrong Pot

There is No Magical Age To Stop Growing

Continued Part 3:

There is no magical age in which we should stop growing.  You never outgrow your usefulness, some just choose to stop being useful and of service to others.  After all, our true reality is our mind.  Our ultimate goal is to be of service to our Creator, so we should never cease being of service.  The mind must continually be nurtured in the same way that the body requires nutrients throughout its entire life. So what’s the first step to getting back on track? In my book I talk about three things, vision, values, and virtues.  You master these three and you can master your life.  The key is to just get started.  Newton’s law of motion states that “a body in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an outside force.”  Death should be the only outside force that stops us from growing, seeking meaning and purpose, and being excited about being alive.

Seven Steps To Keep You from Getting Stuck in the Wrong Pot

I’ll conclude with seven steps for you to keep in mind so that you will continue to grow and never get stuck in a pot that you’ve outgrown.

  1. Always have a clear vision, meaningful goals and values, and life enhancing virtues.
  2. Stay in the light! Have a regular diet of healthy encouragement, inspiration, and love.
  3. Make sure your environment is nurturing, inspiring, clean, and orderly.
  4. Change your pot or the location of your pot when it is clear you are not growing anymore.
  5. Stay in motion. While physical motion is of course equally important, I’m talking now about mental motion.  Prayer and meditation can help to shift your mind into high gear and in the right direction. But, remember, you are always in motion.  If you are alive, you are going forward or going backward; you are either progressing or regressing.
  6. Be alert to the outside forces that might be holding you back and pull weeds when necessary.
  7. Enjoy the journey.   Happiness is your thermometer. Test yourself regularly to make sure you are on the right course and in the right pot or the right spot.   And, if no spots or pots are working for you, perhaps you are one of those that don’t work as well when confined.  Have the faith to spread your wings and get out of the pot altogether and follow your dreams.

Barbara Talley is a workshop leader, keynote speaker, author, and publisher who speaks and writes on value-based living themes.

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