Part 3: Seven Steps to Keep from Getting Stuck in the Wrong Pot

Are You in the Right Pot or Is Your Pot in the Right Spot?

Continued from Part 2:

Are you growing and surrounding yourself with light? Do you have an inspiring vision that makes life meaningful and joyful?  Are you getting a healthy diet of inspiration, encouragement, and stimulation regularly?  Are you surrounding yourself with creative and positive people, a clean harmonious environment, and love?  Remember, love is the most powerful light.  Give more love and you will receive more of it.  Also, are you willing to pull those stifling weeds or toxic people from your life once you’ve identified them?

Are You Challenged?

In order to get the right answers in life, we must ask the right questions.  So, are you challenged?  Are you doing something meaningful that gets your creative juices going?  How do you feel, just blah or energized? Are you excited about your life?  Are you growing or are you stuck?  Do you have opportunity?  Are you waiting for it to knock on your door or are you creating it?   Energy comes from exciting and meaningful pursuits.

Can You Grow in Your Current Pot?

And finally are you making sure that you are in a pot that allows you to continue to grow?  Do you need a new pot or different pot?  Do you need  a bigger pot or perhaps a smaller pot?  Maybe your pot is too big and its hard to feel secure and plant your roots and you need a smaller space.  Or, perhaps the opposite is true, your pot is  too small and you can’t move or grow so you need a bigger pot?

Some People Won’t Feel Comfortable in Any Pot!

We are all different. Our talents are different; our capacities are different.  Some people won’t feel comfortable in any pot,  no matter what the size, location, or  how fancy, expensive, or beautiful it may be.  These type of people thrive on being able to move and grow freely without limitations.  Perhaps that’s you.  Maybe, you’ve been switching pots trying to find the right one, when in reality, you don’t need a pot at all.  Maybe you need to plant your dreams in the open fields where the Creator provides the natural sustenance and the possibilities are endless.

I Needed a Major Overhaul, New Pot, Different Pot, and New Spot

Are you in an environment that allows you to spread your wings and fly?   Happiness is your thermometer.  Years ago, it was apparent to me that the pot I was in was too small.  I wrote the book, ‘On Track On Fire On Purpose’ to chronicle my journey of moving from a small pot to a bigger pot.  You can get a copy of book if you like from my website or Amazon.  I share the lessons I learned to get from the Projects to become the poet and publisher today, from the teenage mom to the happily married wife for over 30 years.  I personally needed a major overhaul.  I not only needed a new pot, but a different pot, and a new spot to pull off my remarkable transformation.  And, I found out that I was one of those pot-less people.

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Barbara Talley is a workshop leader, keynote speaker, author, and publisher who speaks and writes on value-based living themes.

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