Part 2: Seven Steps to Keep from Getting Stuck in the Wrong Pot

Continued from Part 1:

The natural order of things is that things are either growing (progressing) or dying (regressing).  I’ve learned a lot about growth by watching my plants grow, which lately, have been thriving.  As long as I water them and give them the appropriate amount of sunlight, protect them from stifling weeds, and put them in a pot that will allow them to grow, they flourish.  But, if I forget to water them, leave them without light, don’t pull the weeds, or don’t replace their pots when necessary, they slowly die.

We Are All Works In Progress

As I watch my young grandchildren grow, I am reminded that we are all works in progress.  Given the right tools, each divine creation will progress naturally.  Watch the grass, a plant, a tree, or the physical human body, they don’t strain to grow, they just grow.  But the human mind must be consciously, consistently, and carefully nurtured.  My youngest grandchild, just six months old and unable to speak but a few words, listens intently to every sound, carefully studies every face, knows who is familiar and unfamiliar, who to trust and who not to, and how to get his needs met.  The point is he started out a few months ago helpless and knowing very little but has been steadily growing stronger and smarter every day because he has the right environment.  He is in the right pot; he knows he is loved and his environment is stimulating (brightly colored educational toys, loving parents and family, healthy mother’s milk,  beautiful home, etc.)

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Barbara Talley is a workshop leader, keynote speaker, author, and publisher who speaks and writes on value-based living themes.

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