Part 1: Seven Steps to Keep from Getting Stuck in the Wrong Pot

Today’s question is, “Have you outgrown your pot?”  or “Is your pot in the right spot?” Let me explain.  Sometimes we don’t notice that we are stagnant because the process of growth is so gradual or the people around us and in the same pot as us enable or discourage us from rocking the boat.  The seed does not instantly become a tree, the mineral does not rapidly become a stone, and the human embryo does not reach perfection all at once.  We are designed to keep growing and growing, and growing.

To Stop Growing Is to Begin Dying

Although growth is a natural gradual process and requires patience, we must be clear, the goal is always to progress, to perfect ourselves, and to keep striving to become the best we can be.  No matter what our age or accomplishments to date are, no one should ever choose to ‘stop growing.’ That’s the point when we begin to die.

It Is Our Vision That Gives Us the Will To Keep Growing

Look around you, there are dead people everywhere, (vision-less, goal-less, and unhappy people).   The Bible states that, “Where there is no vision the people perish.”  It is our vision that gives us joy and the will to keep growing, striving, serving, and living.  Outgrowing your pot simply means that you are no longer growing, progressing, feeling like you are making a difference, or moving ahead. To continue reading Part 2 of Seven Steps to Keep From Outgrowing Your Pot, All Living Things Are Growing or Dying, click here

Barbara Talley is a workshop leader, keynote speaker, author, and publisher who speaks and writes on value-based living themes.

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