Part 4: What Are You On?

When We Don’t Understand, We’re Likely to Misunderstand!

Continued from Part 3:

In my Effective Communications training I teach people to try not to misjudge people who communicate differently from them.  It really does take all kinds to make a world and each particular style has its own strengths and potential weaknesses.   Unfortunately, when we don’t understand, we are more than likely to misunderstand. Training and facilitated dialog can help create this understanding. But, we can each take charge of our own communication.  We can step outside of our comfort zones and get to know other people.  Covey explains, “First seek to understand, then to be understood.” Our communication is only as good as our understanding of the person we are trying to communicate with.  Wayne Dyer said it best, “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” I learned to look at myself differently and my world changed!

Embrace Your Communication Style

Whether you are looking at Carl Jung’s work or any of the hundreds of assessment tools, MBTI, Disc, Platinum Rule, or PeopleStyles, they all explain that we are wired differently, but compliment each other.  Part of my energy and communication style may be luck or to some it may be a curse.  It depends on who’s asking.  People tend to like people who are like them.  Studies show that 50% of the population is just faster than the other half.  They move faster, talk faster, walk faster, and make decisions faster.  They are louder, gesture more, and speak more.  They are also more open and emotive.  The other 50% moves slower, talks slower, reacts slower, and talks more softly, and less often.  They are also more reserved and less disclosing of feelings and personal information.  I’ve learned that different is just different and that I am okay just as I am. Once you learn this, you’ll be okay too.

We must each embrace who we are. That includes…

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Barbara Talley is a keynote speaker, author of six books, and trainer on value-based living themes.  She also offers Effective Communication, Diversity, Leadership, Time Management, and Goal Setting workshops.  Visit her at or contact her at 301-428-4831.  You may email her at

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