Part 7A: May Day-Success and Money Are Spiritual Matters

Continued from Part 6: Earl Nightengale Defines Success,

While money should not be the object of one’s life,  it is still a necessary requirement for responsible living.

No one wants or should be dependent on other people for their basic needs.  We have been given gifts and talents in order to contribute to the world and thereby earn a livelihood from our labor.  Certainly it is not a spiritual or noble thing to have to beg for one’s existence.  The key is to choose a path of service that we can commit to.  The key is ‘to choose’ what would bring us happiness.  Our work must become a labor of love, otherwise how can we stick with it, excel at it, and be joyful in the process.  No one wants to be served by someone whose heart is not in it and made to feel like that service is a burden.  It is however praiseworthy to be able to earn enough money to take care of ones family and be able to help the poor or other worthy causes.

Baha’u’llah, in ‘The Persian Hidden Words’ teaches, “The best of men are they that earn a livelihood by their calling and spend upon themselves and upon their kindred for the love of God, the Lord of all worlds.

Abdul-Baha, son of the Bahaullah, Prophet-Founder of the Bahai Faith corresponded with Andrew Carnegie on his ‘Gospel of Wealth‘ in 1912 when he toured America spreading his father’s teaching on unity.

The following text is from that correspondence:

O respected personage!
I have read your work “The Gospel of Wealth” and noted therein truly apposite and sound recommendations for easing the lot of humankind. To state the matter briefly, the Teachings of Baha’ullah  advocate voluntary sharing, and this is a greater thing than the equalization of wealth.

For equalization must be imposed from without, while sharing is a matter of free choice. Man reacheth perfection through good deeds, voluntarily performed, not through good deeds, the doing of which was forced upon him. And sharing is a personally chosen righteous act: that is, the rich should expend their substance for the poor, but of their own free will, and not because the poor have attained this end through force. For the harvest of force is turmoil and the ruin of social order.

I have seen the good effects of your own philanthropy in America, in various universities, peace gatherings and associations for the promotion of learning, as I travelled from city to city… For more information on the Bahai Faith, a religion dedicated to service to humanity, check out.

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2 thoughts on “Part 7A: May Day-Success and Money Are Spiritual Matters

  1. This was excellent. Thank you so much for the Spring Check up posting.
    I did not know that Abdul Baha corresponded with Andrew Carnagie,
    very inspiring. You made my day.


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