Part 8: May Day- Time for a Mid-Year Check-Up

Continued from Part 7:  Success and Money Are Spiritual Matters 

What are Your Gifts and How Can You Best Serve?

Life has a way (if you let it) to allow you to drift aimlessly.  But at the same time if we take charge, we can immediately get back on course.  If this were your last day, week, month, or year, what would you be doing differently?  Figure out what that is and DO IT!  May Day, May Day!  Don’t you know that your earthly journey has finality?  It will end without prior notice.

You are here for a reason and need to make figuring out what that reason is your priority.  To begin that journey of certitude, service, and fulfillment, you must first figure what gifts you have and how you can serve the world best by using those gifts.  Are you a potential artist, scientist, craftsperson, single, author, parent, or business owner with a talent or dream that fulfills you or inspires others?

What You Do Matters- To Somebody You Are the World

How many of your goals that you set this year have you accomplished?  What about last year, the year before, or even ten years ago?  You are an important cog in the wheel of life.  What you do or don’t do matters and matters a lot. Just like the rippling effect of a pebble is felt across a pond, so does your contribution affect an untold number of people you may not even know.  Reflect on the poet Heather Cortez’s words, “To the world you might be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

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