Don’t Forget to Eat (Part 2)

Doesn’t the Spirit Deserve to Be Fed As Much As the Body?

If the body must be fed regularly to perform at its best, doesn’t it stand to reason that our spirit would also benefit from regular feeding throughout the day?  The spirit (soul) and the body are partners during this earthly journey and both must be strong if the human is to thrive.  Just as a bird can’t fly with only one strong wing, neither can we.  We must eat so that we will have the energy and strength required to navigate this earthly journey.

And, both our bodies and our spirits must be healthy and strong if we wish to be happy, healthy, moral, and productive.   Don’t you think that your spirit deserves at least the same degree of nurturing as your physical body?  Especially since the soul is to live an eternity and the body is destined to perish at some point?

Serve Your Soul A Regular, Balanced and Varied Diet

So, why not make a habit of feeding the spirit as regularly as you feed your physical body?  I try to feed my spirit twice a day, but now I’m going to make a conscious effort and commitment to feed my spirit at least as often as I feed my body.  Saying grace can help with this, but words are not enough, for we must move beyond words to action. Just as the body needs a varied and regular diet, so does the soul.  The spirit thrives on a diet of inspirational words, positive people, exciting goals, , meaningful service, and a life lived on purpose.  It needs spiritual nutrients to grow stronger, prayer, meditation, deeds, and virtuous qualities such as love, truth, justice, faith, and gratitude.

Try This Spiritual Diet

Why not break your fast each morning with a little prayer and meditation? For lunch, consume some spiritual and inspirational words.   Throughout the day, why not snack on some selfless deeds of service, virtuous thoughts, and words of appreciation and gratitude.  And for dinner, feast on another heaping helping of prayer and reflection.  For dessert, read some Holy Words.  And just before you go to bed, make your late night snack be a focus on the things you have to be grateful for, so that you will end your day in appreciation, joy, and contentment.  You’ll find that your sleep will be more peaceful, your mind more creative and content, and your life will be more balanced and happier.  Commit to creating better spiritual habits and while you’re at it, make sure the food you put into your body (your spirit’s earthly temple and home) is nutritious.

I’m Barbara Talley, The Poet who speaks and inspires.   “If this message makes sense use it, if it doesn’t refuse it; for nothing of value can be achieved without knowledge, volition, and action.”

1 thought on “Don’t Forget to Eat (Part 2)

  1. Ahhhh… the poet truly speaks. Thank you for a feast for the spirit. This is an example of why I expressed my appreciation of and for you in my book IF YOU CAN’T CALM THE WATERS LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES. Keep the banquet going. Clif McKnight


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