3 Ways to Always Win Big

Nobody Likes Losing

That’s right! It’s game day and time to get your game on! Let’s face it; nobody likes losing, so much so, that many refuse to even get into the race of life.  (Note: I define the “race” as any meaningful goal, wish, desire, or passion that defines what you want out of life.)

Meanwhile the ‘watchers’  vicariously just watch life go by and waste their precious existence watching others (via unlimited connectivity to media) live the lives they wish they had the courage to pursue.  Perhaps that’s why Americans spend as much as five hours a day watching television and the insatiable addiction to following the lives of celebrities.

What grand ideal are you putting off pursuing?

What great goal is languishing because you are procrastinating?  What wonderful wish is remaining, well … still just a wish.  Come on, don’t just watch the race of life, get in a lane, any lane! Most successful people will tell you, that most of the rush is in the race, not in the finish, and definitely not on the sidelines.  Many experience a, “Now what?” after they’ve achieved a goal.  But the real excitement was in the start, in the perseverance, and finally in the moments before and after the finish.

How Do You Know You Will Win?

So, what is it that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t started yet for fear of losing?  Claim it now and go after it knowing that you will win.  How do you know you will win?  Because you are allowed to change the rules! Read my next three posts on three simple rules to get you started: 1) Redefine what winning means, 2) Improve on your own personal best, and 3) Learn something new and change your brain.

I’m Barbara Talley, The Poet who speaks and inspires.   To find more about me, visit:  www.thepoetspeaks.com

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