Dream Derailer #9a: Insufficient Resources

3 Resources No Plan Can Succeed Without

Perhaps more dreams have gone down the drain because of the lack of these three resources than any other.  Everybody needs them and no plan will be successful without them.  I have been in business for over twenty-five years and although there is still so much to learn, a few big lessons stick out as critical.  I still believe energy is one of the most fundamental, but I’ve already dedicated an entire discussion to it.  And, we’re already assuming that you have the vision, values, and virtues you need that were discussed in a different topic, but there are still three critical resources that without them, any plan is doomed.  Have you guessed what they are?  I believe the big three are: time, talent, and money.  Unless you get control over your time, money, and talent you may be in danger of derailing your dreams.

Be Aware of Your Programming

Over the past week I have been listening to experts at the ‘World Tapping Summit’ speak about how to overcome all sorts of limitations.  Some of the presenters were Jack Canfield, Bruce Little, Carol Look, and Carol Tuttle.  Tapping is a blend of conscious intentions, tapping on energy points in the body (meridians and acupressure), and reciting specific affirmations to reprogram or reframe what is blocking us from receiving the abundance in the universe.  That abundance could be health, wealth, or self-esteem, etc.  Jack Canfield makes the point that much our limitations come from our earliest programming that we received from our caretakers. He says we must consciously think about what was going on in our parents’ lives during our first six years since we were just sponges and extrapolate what messages were probably recorded on our tapes without question.  The programming however does not end there, it continues throughout our lives and the experts say that 95% of what we are acting out is our inherited programming that makes up our subconscious. To be successful, we need to live more consciously.  Over the next three days I will discuss  three resources that most people are convinced are keeping them from succeeding: time, money, and talent.

I’m Barbara Talley, the poet who speaks and inspires.  To find out more about me check out: What Does Barbara Do? or visit  my website.

2 thoughts on “Dream Derailer #9a: Insufficient Resources

  1. …I have come to the realization that the biggest generator of resources is personal crisis – when tackled head on and honestly…we are always fond of saying “you can’t create more time”, but that’s not entirely true – when faced with imminent danger, time we say slows down…and it does so because at those moments, we are able to dig deeply into our resource reservoir (our soul) and produce reactions and actions so perfect for the situation that we inadvertently negate the issue of time…we make time imaterial by resolving in the twinkling of an eye the brewing crisis that in the first place made time critical…we can’t make time, but we can sure make it go away….all we need is to embrace our crisis and thus begin the deep dig!


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