You Are Here But Where Is That?

You are here!  Most people are familiar with the maps in most malls  that show you where you are now or the GPS maps that have the red star showing you where you are going.  You must find where you are now and then locate your destination before you can figure out in which direction you need to go.

What Are Your Reference Points?

Reference points are critical to getting to any destination in life and you need at least three: 1) A Destination, 2) A Starting Point, and 3) A Plan.  You are here and you are on your way somewhere!  But where; do you know?  One of my favorite songs of all time is Diana Ross’s ‘Mahogany’ from ‘Lady Sings the Blues.’  The lyrics that always motivate me to be aware and proactive are:  “Do you know where you’re going to?  Do you like the things that life is showing you?  Do you know? Now looking back at all the past, we let so many dreams just slip through our hands.”  The words make me realize that time is precious and  that if we idle too long in indecision, fear,  and doubt that we can lose out.  What dreams are slipping through your hands right now?  Do you know?  Click to continue reading about ‘Where Are You Going?’

I’m Barbara Talley, the poet who speaks and inspires.  To find out more about me check out: What Does Barbara Do? or visit  my website.

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