113th Congress- Most Diverse Ever!

Most Gender, Ethnic, Cultural, and Religious Diversity Ever!

Americans want change in the country and that means the Congress has to change, and it is changing slowly.  The 113th Congress is the most diverse in history.  So,  it could be a whole lot worse. Consider these other encouraging facts. There is a record number (20)  female Senators,  with the first openly gay female Senator, and the first female Asian American Senator.  In the house there are  77 female House members and the first American Samoan ever elected, as well as  the first openly gay congressman of color.  The 113th Congress will also be younger, with four new congressmen born in the 1980s. With regard to religious affiliation,  the first two Hindu congress people, the first Buddhist senator, and the first non-theist has been elected.

Latinos Record Number

Latinos won a record number of 28 House seats and 3 in the Senate.  In the final analysis that’s more diversity.  The demographics are changing and that should mean that we should see some real change in the future.  Or does it?  The Republican majority House still has to draft and pass the laws,  the Democratic majority Senate still has to sign off on those laws, and the President still has to sign them.  Senate Democrats still do not have the requisite 60 votes to invoke cloture, the formal mechanism for ending a filibuster.  This means Republicans can still hold up any legislation they find unpalatable. Yes, it could be better, but it could be worse. Let’s hope they all get along and do what’s best for the entire country.







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