Dream Derailer #9g- Insufficient Education (continued)

Can you imagine telling your parents you’re dropping out of Harvard to start a company?  That’s what Bill Gates did.  He had that much faith in his dream.  Andrew Jackson was a Congressman and President of the United States and never attended college.  Rachel Ray got her start teaching cooking classes even though she never went to culinary school.  She also has her own magazine and is a best-selling author.  John D. Rockefeller Sr. started Standard Oil and became the richest man in history with no college degree.  How many people reading this have allowed the fact that they don’t have a degree in a particular area to stop them from pursuing their dreams?  And, what if you wanted to be a movie producer but were denied access to film school, would that stop you?  It didn’t stop Steven Spielberg.

If You Need An Excuse, Any One Will Do!

Some people would allow the lack of money or age to keep them from going after their dreams, not  Mark Zuckerberg.  He had to borrow money to start Face-book and went on to become the youngest person to appear on the Forbes billionaire list.  And, Henry Ford never even graduated from High School.  That didn’t stop him from starting the Ford Automotive company.  Think of how many people were able to be employed and how his automating the car production process has changed our world.  One of his keys to success was that he surrounded himself with knowledgeable people.  Perhaps you should to.  Source- 10 Famous People Who Didn’t Go to College. What these extraordinary people show us is that if you have the talent, you can make it!  They followed their bliss.

I’m Barbara Talley, the poet who speaks and inspires.  To find out more about me check out: What Does Barbara Do? or visit  my website.

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