If You’re in The RED, Listen UP!

The red dot represents the bottom 40% of Americans who are struggling to survive. After pondering over a recent article highlighting the glaring statistics of the dismal and widening wealth gap between black and white women aged 39-46 ($5 vs. $42,600), I had to stop and reflect on why this is. Then I realized that women have always been at the bottom of the social economic ladder and people of color trailing them.  The wealth gap is affecting everyone. Look at the red dot on this graphic of Occupy!  Black women and many people of color occupy the RED DOT. That means 40% of Americans are in the same boat!

wealth distribution

The current system is not designed to make the poor rich; it’s designed to make the rich wealthier.  It’s not necessarily because rich people are bad or greedy or that there is a shrinking pie and not enough to go around. One huge reason is because it’s extremely difficult to amass wealth on a small salary in an economy when the dollar is constantly declining in value and the cost of living is soaring!

There is a better way, and no one explains it better than Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad: Poor Dad on how to get out of the red dot zone and create wealth.


Remember, “If you keep doing what you are doing, you’ll keep getting what you are getting!” BUT, if you’re convinced, as I have become that must be a better way, check out ANOTHER WAY! Then send me a message via the contact form if you’re ready to do something about your circumstances!

Thanks, “I’m Barbara Talley, the Poet who speaks and inspires!”

Facebook Etiquette As I See It

Today, I’d like to talk about Facebook Etiquette. We each have our own wall, page, and status.  Each time I log onto Facebook,  the robo program greets me with, “What’s happening Barbara?” or “How are you doing Barbara?”  or  “How’s it going Barbara?”  The common thread in all of these questions are ‘Barbara.’  It’s designed to get an update about ME!  I know that you receive similar prompts. It seems so simple, yet it isn’t.  For some reason people think that a person’s personal status is a place to update information about THEM.  It is for that reason that I decided to share what’s on my mind today, Facebook etiquette.



My STATUS, is MY status. YOUR status is YOUR status. I get to go to your page and see what you’re up to and you get to come to mind to find out what I’m up to. MY status is like my personal desk, home on the web, or brand. It reflects MY interests and values. I decide what goes on it. Each day it asks, ‘What’s on MY MIND?  I share that information with like-minded folks like you who have befriended me. My goal for my site is to be diversity friendly, respectful, zero profanity, motivating, and to education on things that matter, uplift, and make us better.

Underneath each message is a place to COMMENT, SHARE, or LIKE.  If you think it is something I’d be interested in, send me a private message and I will be notified. If it is of interest to my friends, I’ll share it.That is how we interact and I get to know what you feel about my topic.  Please continue to do that. That’s how we communicate. So many of you do that now and I thank you and that makes Facebook a rewarding experience.


On my WALL I get to see the messages of those whom I have befriended. I love that. I can then choose to select those messages that resonate with me and put them on my wall. If you think it is something I’d be interested in, send me a private message and I will be notified. If it is of interest to my friends, I’ll share it. If you’ve got an event, thought, product, or service you think  I’d be interested in, send me a private message and I will be notified. If it is of interest to my friends, I WILL share it.

MY status is a place to share with my unique friends. That remains my choice. Good etiquette means that people don’t decide what to put on MY status (without permission.) That’s what their status if for, to put the messages of their choice to create their own unique brand, style, and on-line personality.  I get to see each of your interests, on-line personalities, and values on my wall or your status.


Next, we have GROUPS we can subscribe to that encourage us to post whatever we want. Each group has a vision, culture, and LIKE-MINDED people who are invited there because of their connections and like interests. And, finally we have PAGES to sell products, invite people to events, and to promote your brand. [NOTE: While it’s best to create a page for selling, you can in limited amounts share info ON YOUR OWN status to DIRECT PEOPLE TO YOUR PAGE, BUT YOU SHOULD NEVER SELL YOUR STUFF ON ANOTHER PERSON’S personal status page. It’s just not good etiquette. I’m learning like many of you. Hope this helps. Please share your FB Etiquette best practices and annoyances below.

I’m Barbara Talley, the poet who speaks and inspires.  To find out more about me check out my promo sheet or visit  my website.

5 Tips for Overcoming Fear for Beginning Entrepreneurs

This is 2014, I celebrate 27 years of being in business for myself.  In this series I share twelve  tips on how to not be afraid to go into business.  The first four are: Facing Fear, Having A Compelling Why?, Opportunity, and Timing.

  1. To Fear or Not to Fear Is Not the Deciding Factor:  I started my business in 1987 and I can’t honestly say that I wasn’tafraid back then for I’m sure I felt something.  I could name that energy excitement or name it fear.  But, what I’d like to say about fear is, even if you are afraid, DO IT ANYWAY! You will be afraid sometimes; that’s life.  The only way to overcome fear is to face it. If you allow all of those negative “What If” questions to take hold, you’ll never go into business.   Sometimes that fear is cathartic; other times it’s cancerous.  If it points out essential knowledge, skills, and resources you need, acknowledge it and then figure out how to get what you need.
  2. Our decisions are either FEAR-based or FAITH-based, one excites you, the other paralyzes you.  But in the end, fear is only a thought.  You have to consciously focus on that thought in order for it to derail you.  So the solution is clear. Don’t focus on what you fear or don’t want!  If you want to start a business, you have a lot to be thinking about, the name, the business structure, the product, the team, the marketing (benefits), the money, the audience, the delivery method etc.  Will you go it alone or will you choose at network marketing company. Once you decide you have something viable to offer, focus on that and you’ll have very little time left over to just worry.
  3. Must Have A Compelling Why?– Begin by asking yourself the question, “Why do I want to go into business?” The answer to that question must be compelling enough to carry you through the fear, the doubt, the naysayers, the frustration, and the despair that you will no doubt experience at some time.  My “WHY” was that I wanted to work at home, to be able to guide and protect my kids.  I didn’t know how I was going to do it at that time.  In retrospect, none of that really mattered anyway.  The universe takes care of ‘how’ for committed faithful people.  I just had to DECIDE to do it and set a goal.  If you’ve got something that the world needs, share it! My compelling ‘WHY’ was to save my kids and I didn’t want them to be latch-key kids.  My “WHY” kept me going through the fear.
  4. Seize the Opportunity and Just Do It!= There will never be a perfect time to go into business.  Although I had set a 6-year goal to go into business, I actually accomplished it within a couple of years.  I had to decide to do it and then start doing it. I’d like to say I had a great plan, but I didn’t at first.  Some read a book about how to drive and then drive.  Others, like myself watch other people and then just do it.  I learned how to be in business by “just jumping in.  It was “sink or swim,” so I learned how to swim.  Now if you’ve got the option to dip your feet in the water, by all means, do that if that will ease your fear.  Now, I’ve found that only serious wholehearted and unlimited faith, hard work, and tenacity will keep you going, but first you’ve got to get going.
  5. Don’t Wait for the Perfect Time– There never will be a perfect time.  And, it was not the perfect time for me either.  I was 7 months pregnant, laid off from my job, had a teen on drugs,  had no money to start a business, and within a couple of months I would be giving birth to my 5th child.  But, I didn’t allow excuses into the equation;  I focused on my ‘WHY.”  I had to act like I was in business.  So I started telling folks, setting up my office, and preparing myself.  Word, got around and I got some business and was “in business.

I’m Barbara Talley, The Poet who speaks and inspires.   To find more about me, check out my promo sheet or visit  my website.

The Future of Education: Free College Courses-Textbooks

Who says you can’t get anything of value for free anymore?

Now education is open sourced.  Several top universities are offering free on-line courses to anyone on any topic imaginable. There is no excuse NOT to learn a new language, skill, or to keep abreast of the newest technologies.  Just like You-tube, Firefox, and GoogleVoice have offered valuable free services, now colleges are catching the FREE wave.   There are even over 160 free textbooks. (The Textbook Revolution also is a resource for free books.)  You can learn right from your home or wherever you have computer access.  The training is free, but you pay for testing and accreditation.  For those who are changing careers or upgrading their skill-set and are tight on money, this could be the answer.  Knowledge is still valuable even without the certification which you can get when you can afford it later.  The knowledge now can assist in getting that new job or promotion.

ImageLet’s say you want to learn calculus, math, science, computer science, finances, humanities, physics, history, or prep for the Math SAT or GMAT, try out http://www.khanacademy.org.  They have over 3500 videos. WOW!

“MIT OpenCourseWare makes the materials used in the teaching of substantially all of MIT’s undergraduate and graduate courses—more than 2,100 in all—available on the Web, free of charge, to any user in the world. OCW receives an average of 1.9 million web site visits per month from more than 215 countries and territories worldwide. To date, more than 125 million individuals have accessed OCW materials.” http://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm

And, they aren’t the only ones, Harvard, Berkeley, and the University of Texas also offer free courses. https://www.edx.org

http://www.openculture.com/freeonlinecourses (550 free on-line courses)

http://www.openculture.com/free_textbooks (160 Free text books)

http://www.academicearth.org (Pulls together lectures from multiple universities on a topic)

http://www.apple.com/education/itunes-u/ (Can’t forget Apple University. There’s an app for that!)


Another school based in South Africa advertises, “Regenesys Business School is the first business school in the world to offer free business education, making all learning materials freely available online in this revolutionary initiative.” Be sure to check them out also at http://regenesys.co.za/free-edu/

The OpenCourseWare Consortium Aggregates over 22 Universities

“Most courses offered on OpenCourseWare are available as free audio or video lectures for free, and under open licenses. The easiest way to find a course you’re interested in is to search the OpenCourseWare Consortium site, which aggregates courses from over 22 universities in the US alone, including MIT, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, and the University of Michigan, and features courses on tons of different subjects, from business and economics to architecture and physics. Most universities have their specialties, of course (MIT, for example, has a bounty of resources in engineering), but between them all, you should be able to find pretty much anything you want,” write Life Hacker in their article, Where to Get the Best Free Education.

The future is bright and a new education is just a click away, FOR FREE!

I’m Barbara Talley, The Poet who speaks and inspires.   To find more about me, check out my promo sheet or visit  my website.

Seize the Merry and Miserable Moments

Whether your current moment is merry or miserable, you must let go of it if you are to move on to the next.   The miserable moments are only that when we label them that way. The merry moments are only that way because we decided that they were.  This morning I was reflecting on last December and the changes that have occurred since last year this time.  There have been so many.  For one, there were people in my life last year that are gone this year.  Last year at this time, we were mourning my nephew’s tragic and untimely demise at age 32.  Everyone was wishing that they’d spent more time with him and said and done things to let him know how much he was loved.  This year it is my step-mother who passed in July. She lived to be 85-years old.  This morning I was reflecting on how she did not spend the holidays with us last year.  There were many reasons, but mainly our collective somber mood and the weather.  Little did I know that we would not have another opportunity.

“Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.” -C.S. Lewis

While there has been significant loss, at the same time there has been significant gain.  I am not the same person I was last year. Last year this time there was a fear and hopelessness that has now been replaced by faith and expectation.  I have new relationships, new opportunities, and a new sense of valuing life’s little moments.  I am better, mainly because I chose to be better.  I know from my more than a half century of living that we must seize every moment.  We don’t love, laugh, and enrich the world in the past or the present, we do it ONLY in the current moment.  So seize it.

“It’s not life’s big planned events that make the big difference, it is the simple, intimate, and sometimes spontaneous things we do for each other.” Barbara Talley

I’m Barbara Talley, the poet who speaks and inspires.  To find out more about me check out: What Does Barbara Do? or visit  my website.
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