Don’t Work for Money!?

Money or Happiness with Barbara Talley

Money or Happiness. Barbara Talley invites you to ask the question.

SAY WHAT???  What if we instead sought happiness, first?  I know what you are thinking, Maslow’s Hierarchy (which has been challenged)? We can’t even think about happiness until we have enough money to pay for our basic needs: shelter, education, food, insurance, healthcare, clothes, transportation, travel, etc.

I too was once conditioned to believe that the primary reason you go to work is to make money. But Bob Proctor made a statement in one his ‘Science of Getting Rich’ program that caused me to rethink this commonly held paradigm. He asserts that the primary reason to work is to make a meaningful contribution by DOING WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. (He also asserts that trading time for money is the worst way to earn wealth too, but that’s another article, and that wealth is not acquired by WHAT you do but instead by HOW you do what you do.)

On the surface it makes sense. Who wants to work for, with, promote, or even be around someone who is chronically unhappy and apathetic? It’s clear that we need money to have a quality life but couldn’t happiness derived from offering a worthy service be the first or at least an equal consideration?  Happiness puts us into a frequency that attracts more of what we are thinking about to us.

I do not believe that I am Pollyanna or naive in my view either. I know we have to have money to survive but should “making money” become the sole or  primary motive for working. Remember we are trading our lives for this money, so it should fulfill us!  I guess we have to think about what’s the MOST important, money, happiness, or both?  So few feel that they even have the choice.  They say, “I have to work, not I choose to work!”  They don’t believe they have a choice, so they never ask the question about what would really make them happy!  If you chose to have both, then you are among the minority.  A recent article in the New York daily News reported that “an alarming 70% of those surveyed in a recent Gallup poll either hate their jobs or are completely disengaged, and not even incentives and extras can extricate them from the working man’s blues.”How can an economy or society progress with this level of unhappy employees at this level of disengagement?  Everyone at some level is seeking happiness and you can’t give what you don’t possess yourself.

Here’s to your happiness.  At the very least, allow yourself to ponder the question, “What work or service would make me really happy?” I’m Barbara Talley, the poet who speaks and inspires.

6 Ways to Be Happier and Nicer Right Now

One of my daughters used to say, “Be nice, baby,” to everyone when she was about three years old.  I’m wishing the same for you, “Be nice, baby!” When people are nice to us, we are happier. When we make others happy, now that’s pure joy!  We habitually say, “Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary,  Happy Valentines Day, and “Happy Holidays.”  Why not “Happy Monday, Happy Tuesday, Happy Wednesday, etc?” And while you’re sending out that happy wish why not follow it up with nice thoughts, words, and actions.  Just like gloom is contagious, so is happiness. So go infect others with happiness, by wishing the best for them each day, not just on special days.

You can change your life by changing your words, nice matters.  We can all improve; to get started:

  1. Carry around a notebook the next few days and take note of how kind your words are.
  2. Are they forgiving or intolerant?
  3. Are they judgmental or complimentary?
  4. Do they uplift or dishearten?  Do they encourage or dampen the other person’s spirit?  In short, do your words soothe and inspire the soul of the person hearing them?
  5. Also notice the reactions to your words.
  6. Are they smiling or frowning?  Are they happy or sad?

Also check out this post on ‘5 Simple Ways to Stay Happy‘ by another blogger.

In closing, we’ll get more of our needs met by being nice and we’ll also like that person in the mirror a whole lot more.  With so many things that are out of our control, isn’t it heartwarming to know that some things still are?

I’m Barbara Talley,  The Poet who speaks and inspires.   To find more about me, check out my promo sheet or visit  my website.