A Simple Thank You Can’t Hurt

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 7.44.59 PMCan you imagine working 24/7 for someone their entire life and never getting a simple ‘Thank you’.

And, when you do hear something, it’s a complaint? I’ve heard many people complain about their knees, their back, their head, or their stomach. But, when was the last time you THANKED your body.We are intelligent beings and every cell in our body has intelligence. Every cell in our body responds to love, appreciation, and gratitude from the outside and inside. So today, say thank you to your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, immune system, feet, brain, circulatory system, respiratory system, muscular system,  nervous system, etc.

We know our minds have intelligence but have you ever really thought about the intelligence of your body?  Bruce Lipton in an interview made a profound point.  He said something to the effect (I’m paraphrasing) that our immune system is our physical body’s intelligent history.  It remembers what makes us sick or well and creates responses  (allergies) when we come into contact with those things in the future.  You are a super intelligent being and every cell in your body has memory.  It remembers what it feels like to be valued, appreciated, and well and also what it feels like to be unappreciated, devalued, and sick.  It responds to your thoughts of fear and worry. (We call it stress!) It also responds to faith, appreciation, and good thoughts.  Depak Chopra wrote in his book, Ageless Body- Timeless Mind, that our cells are constantly eavesdropping on our thoughts.  That being the case, let’s follow the advice of our wise old sages when it comes to our internal communication as well, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything.”  Your body works hard for you 24/7, show it a little more kindness and you might see some miraculous changes in your health.

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Does the season make you jolly or stressed?

Does the season make you jolly or stressed?

Maybe it would benefit us all if we changed our tune just a little bit to include, ‘Tis the season to make others happy.’ 

Look around you, who is in need of a little care and happiness?   When our focus is on making other’s happy, we are making space for our own joy and grace.

If you’re not happy, perhaps you are focused on the wrong things. To be happy, sometimes we just need to appreciate and recognize what we already have.

To experience joy, we just need to remember how blessed and loved we are to have a job, or talents, a place to lay our heads at night, loved ones around us, or even a healthy mind and body. Usually around this time of year, we’re figuring out how to get my step-mom here for the holidays. This year she is no longer with us. Be grateful for the loved ones in your life RIGHT now.  Spending so much time with her  in the hospital before she passed reminded me even more of the importance of health.   If you have your health, then you have something to truly  be jolly and happy about.  I’m healthy and I’m happy and I am grateful.  I hope you are too!