Dream Derailer #2b: Ignoring the Body’s Real Needs

If we don’t drink water, we die.

Have you ever  said, “Thank You,” to your water?   Masuru Emoto in his books on the ‘Hidden Messages in Water’ teaches that water is alive, has memory, and consciousness.   His research shows that just having an intention infused into the water changes it cellular pattern which he has captured in pictures.  If water is so significant to life, doesn’t it make logical sense that the quality of the water would be significant too?

Gabrielle Cousens also affirms the significance of consuming good quality water in his discussion of water as a carrier of historical information.  He explains that “structured water” can have up to a million cellular layers.  He states that not all water is good and that good quality waters energizes its host but bad water can cause its demise.   F. Batmanghelidj in his book, ‘You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty’, states, “The human body is a composite structure made of many different systems. All these systems are dependent on the various properties of water for their normal function.  When there is not enough water in the body for all the functions to take place, something has to give.”

Don’t Become Slaves to Pain and Pills

Conscious eating, drinking, and breathing are just as important as consciously pursuing career, educational, financial, security, and relationship goals.  You can’t continually put your health on hold without serious consequences.  And, wouldn’t logical, responsible, or health seeking people want to take care of the systems that take care of them?   Two days ago I attended an event where a national journalist in her early thirties shared how she had climbed the ladder of success, finally realized her dream, and had a heart attack.  She was young, beautiful, talented, and successful and yet according to the paramedics on the scene, she was just ten minutes away from losing it all!  Too many people are becoming lifetime slaves to pills and pain because of health conditions brought on by their own neglect.  What good is it to gain all the resources one needs to live on top of the mountain contentedly and not have the energy to climb up and enjoy the view?    If you are to manifest your dreams, you have to be here to do it.  You have to be alive.  You have to have energy.

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Wild Oregano to The Rescue

This month’s health tip is on the spicy herb oregano.   I’d heard the hype on the radio. I purchased a book on the topic.  I’d even gone to Whole Foods to purchase the Wild Mediterranean brand mentioned.  Since I hadn’t finished my research, I hadn’t taken any.  Then a few nights ago after attending a late evening class, I began to get a tickle in my throat and started coughing.  The cough continued and began to interrupt my sleep.  It was so noticeable that my husband asked if I was okay, because rarely do I get sick.  After he brought me a glass of water, I remembered the wild oregano claim to cure coughs.   I immediately got up, put a few drops of the wild oregano under my tongue, put some Thieves oil on the bottom of my feet and went back to bed.  I haven’t coughed again ‘at all’ and that was four days ago.  I’m a believer!

Germicide, Fungicide, Antihistamine, oh my!

So, what ‘s so great about wild oregano?  Well quite frankly, the claims are too numerous to name.  According to Dr. Cass Ingram in his book, ‘The Miracle of Wild Oregano,’ Wild oregano is the most powerful herb, or rather, spice known.”  Researchers claim that it is one of the most powerful curative substances known to man and that it will cure things that other synthetic drugs can’t even touch.

Dr. Igram also boasts that, “Wild oregano is a powerful germicide, antioxidant, fungicide, antihistamine agent, and antitussive agent. The latter means that it can halt a cough.  It is also mucolytic, which means it dissolves mucous deposits.”   In addition he swears that it destroys, “bacteria, viruses, fungi, drug-resistant germs, and parasites.”  You’ve just got to check out all the things it can do for yourself.  It appears to handle whatever ails you!  And if any of you have a fungal infection, he has a protocol in the book to clear it without destroying your liver.  Yes, it has the same name as the  oregano you put in your pasta dishes, but its grown and  processed quite a bit differently.

Claims to Be the Strongest Antibiotic Known to Man

In addition, the Curing Herbs website  http://curingherbs.com/wild_oregano_oil.htm lists additional benefits of wild oregano oil, “Oil of Oregano, has been scientifically researched and proven to be one of the strongest and most effective broad spectrum antibiotics known to man. It is natural and safe to use. It will not create more mutant strains of bacteria. It effectively kills bacteria of every variety using only tiny amounts. It is also effective against fungus, parasites and viruses. It can be used externally and internally. There are no negative side effects. You need no prescription. It does not cost a fortune!”

If that’s not enough to get your interest, it also builds the immune system, kills internal parasites, is effective for colds, flu, shingles, herpes and warts.  And, because of its heating effects works as an effective pain killer.

Another website on health remedies http://www.homeremediesweb.com/oil_of_oregano_health_benefits.php shares how wild oregano helps  with skin infections, digestive disorders, and sinus infections.

As with all of my suggestions, check them out yourself.  Everything I mention, I’ve taken.  But you’ve got to do your own research.  You know the drill.  I am not a physician and can not prescribe anything to anybody.  Consult your physician, yadayadaya….